Taoyuan Airport WIFIBOX cabinet is now onlineTaoyuan Airport WIFIBOX cabinet is now online



Features of WiFiBOX Advantages of WiFiBOX

  • WIFIBOX is easy to pick up and return
    FEATURE 01

    Very convenient to collect and return

    After booking online, just take out the Wi-Fi sharer from the cabinet and your rental service will start immediately.

  • WIFIBOX provides unlimited traffic plans in more than 130 countries
    FEATURE 02

    Provides unlimited traffic plans in more than 130 countries

    Choose the plan with no traffic limit, allowing you to use your smartphone more freely, which can be used for SNS and video viewing.

  • Wi-Fi sharer and mobile power supply combined into one, comes with 3 types of cables
    FEATURE 03

    Wi-Fi sharer and power bank in one

    Built-in 3 types of wires can charge smartphones, etc. 3.

Reservation Now

ごUtilization of materials rental fee

WiFiBOX great price!
The daily fee is fixed, so you can use the internet with peace of mind.



99 yuan/day~

Hong Kong (except China, Macau)




199 yuan/day~

China (except Hong Kong and Macau)

269 ​​yuan/day~

※ Price example (1GB/day plan)

Search for rates in other countries

ごUSE ステップ Steps for usage

  1. STEP 01
    WIFIBOX website reservation

    Book on WiFiBOX website

  2. STEP 02
    Scan the QR CODE on the cabinet

    Scan QR code

  3. STEP 03
    Start using it after picking up the machine

    Loan starts

  4. STEP 04
    Return empty slot to machine

    Return to empty slot

Easy to pick up/return at the airport or MRT

  • Songshan Airport CabinetSongshan Airport Cabinet
  • Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1 CabinetTaoyuan Airport Terminal 1 Cabinet
  • Taoyuan Airport Terminal 2 CabinetTaoyuan Airport Terminal 2 Cabinet
  • Xiaogang Airport CabinetXiaogang Airport Cabinet
  • Taipei MRT five major stations
Any location where WiFiBOX is installed can be easily collected and returned.

It has been set up in Songshan Airport, Taoyuan Airport, Xiaogang Airport and other places.
No need to queue at crowded airport counters or wait for your delivery to arrive.

Taipei MRT’s four stations including Taipei Main Station, Ximen Station, City Hall Station, and Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
<Dudi 3C> Five stores, you can pick up the sharing device one day in advance to make your schedule more flexible

※ More traffic points will be evaluated and set up gradually

Pick up/return location

お客様の声 Voice of the customer

We would like to introduce some testimonials from customers who have actually used WiFiBOX.

  • お客1

    It connects well with Wi-Fi signals and is very portable.

    20 year old female Taiwan

  • お客 2

    Order at the airport on the same day, don’t worry about price or inventory, and rent a Wi-Fi sharer with no traffic limit at a reasonable price.

    20-year-old female from the United States

  • お客 3

    The good thing is that there are no accessories. Picking up and returning was very easy and smooth.

    40 year old female Hawaii

  • お客 4

    It’s cheap, you don’t need to carry too many accessories, and the battery lasts a long time, which has many benefits.

    20-year-old male from the United States

  • お客 5

    Built-in charging cable for easy portability. I can also charge my smartphone.

    60-year-old female Denmark

  • お客 6

    The network is smooth and it is very convenient to pick up and return. I think the price/performance ratio is better than I imagined.

    30 years old no answer Mexico

  • お客7

    Simple. No extra bags. Easy and fast pickup and return.

    60-year-old man traveling around Asia

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  • おbranch method payment method

    Multiple credit cards can be used.

    Acceptable credit cards
    • ・Visa
    • ・Mastercard
    • ・JCB
    • ·UnionPay cards
    how to use
    There are no hidden fees.
    The checkout amount is the full rental fee.
  • Yuki asked common problem

    • What is overseas Wi-Fi rental?

      This is a service that rents "mobile Wi-Fi share" devices so that you can connect to the Internet through your smartphone or computer when you are abroad. The rental fee is a flat fee system that includes communication fees, so you can use it with peace of mind and value for money.

    • What is the difference between WiFiBOX and other overseas Wi-Fi rentals?

      You can easily receive the Wi-Fi sharer without face-to-face contact. Unlike previous overseas Wi-Fi rentals, there is no need to line up at busy airport counters to pick up or wait for delivery to arrive. WiFiBOX only rents the Wi-Fi share itself, so there is no need to carry a heavy small bag.

    • When can I book?

      WiFiBOX has no deadline for booking.
      You can book and collect at any time during counter opening hours, or even on the day of departure.

    • Are there plans available in multiple countries?

      Please select "Travel Plan". Check the product details page for supported countries.

    • How many devices can WiFiBOX be connected to at the same time?

      Up to 3 devices can be connected at the same time.

    • Do you have any coupons?

      The price of WiFiBOX is very reasonable compared to the normal price. WiFiBOX official LINE account and Facebook fan page frequently post instant messages. Welcome to add us as friends.

      WiFiBOX LINE official account to add friends