Not picked up/late return

No Show

If the user does not proceed with the cancellation procedure and fails to pick up the item on the designated day, the rental fee paid will not be refunded.
※Except for temporary cancellation due to reasons not attributable to the applicant (such as flight delays, natural disasters, etc.).


Delayed return

Overdue fees

If the user returns the mobile communication device loaned to the user beyond the scheduled return date, a late payment fee will be charged: the amount of the 1-day usage fee.

If the return is not confirmed more than 7 days from the scheduled return date, the sharer fee and late payment fee will be added together, and the amount recorded in the compensation will be charged.



If the sharing device is damaged or lost (including stolen) due to the user's fault, the following compensation will be charged.


  • NT$3,000/unit in case of damage or loss
  • If not returned for more than 7 days, NT$3,000/unit