Introducing WiFiBOX

WiFiBOX, an unprecedented international Wi-Fi rental service.

An in-depth introduction to the development of WiFiBOX rental!

"WiFiBOX" completes all rental steps in a self-service manner, making reservations, pick-up and return very simple.

"WiFiBOX" completes all rental steps in a self-service manner, making reservations, pick-up and return very simple.

COVID-19 has changed the way we travel. Even at airports, procedures are becoming increasingly automated due to the habit of avoiding crowds and the need for non-face-to-face services. As various procedures in daily life are converted into applications, the provision of information has also shifted from paper to digital, and people have also established new ways of communication through video calls. Therefore, smartphones are not only a necessity in daily life, but also a necessity in travel. In the future, people will travel again, looking for great value in authentic experiences.

It is said that tourism is an industry of peace. We hope that smartphones, which are the lifeline of travel, can play their role anytime and anywhere, enabling people around the world to travel with "peace of mind" by providing a more convenient and affordable Wi-Fi environment and charging functions than ever before, and this new service We've made it real.

Features of WiFiBOX

Super simple steps, easy to rent and return the machine
  1. STEP 01

    Make an appointment online

    Make a reservation on the web
  2. STEP 02

    Scan QR code

    Scan the 2D code
  3. STEP 03


    Start Rental
  4. STEP 04

    Insert the sharer into the empty slot to complete the return

    Insert the router into the slot and return it

After completing the online reservation, you only need to pick up the Wi-Fi sharer at a location with a WiFiBOX cabinet.
No need to wait in line at the airport counter before departure.
WiFiBOX is currently available for rent at Songshan Airport, Taoyuan Airport, Xiaogang Airport, Taipei Civil Rights Office and Taipei MRT (Taipei Main Station, Ximen Station, Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, City Hall Station) and other places.

Wi-Fi environment and smartphone power bank functions integrated into one
Sharer and power bank functions integrated into one

Three built-in cords for charging smartphones and other devices. It can also be used as a power bank.
The Wi-Fi device can be used alone without the need for a special pouch or charger, making it easy to carry.

3. Provides the largest number of no-traffic-restriction plans in the industry (approximately 130 countries and regions)

Price example "Fixed rate x number of rental days"

4G-LTE Wi-Fi Plan 1GB/day No traffic limit/day
Taiwan $99 $159
Japan $99 $159
South Korea $109 $159
Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam $199 $299
Hawaii, USA, Alaska $249 $329
China (except Hong Kong and Macau) $269 $329
Traveling around Europe $299 $439
  • *3G services are available in some areas.
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Wi-Fi sharer rental and
WiFiBOX comparison chart





Wi-Fi sharer types

Single 1 type

There is only 1 type of WiFiBOX sharer

※Cannot specify the model of the sharer

many types

Models are offered based on the country and data plan used.

※Cannot specify the model of the sharing device

How to get it


Simply pull out of the "WiFiBOX" cabinet, no face-to-face contact required

Airport or home delivery

Go to the designated counter to collect it from the staff or have it delivered to your home.

Return location


Plug the sharing device back into the empty space of the "WiFiBOX" cabinet and return it to the machine

Airport or home delivery

Return the aircraft at the airport counter or return it via home delivery

Items delivered

Only 1 Wi-Fi sharer

No other accessories

A5 size anti-collision bag

Wi-Fi sharer, charger set, etc.

USB charger,
Universal adapter


Please use your smartphone’s USB charger, etc.


Charging transmission line


Built into the Wi-Fi sharer


Requires additional Wi-Fi dedicated charger

Power bank function


The Wi-Fi sharer itself can be used as a mobile power source


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