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Quick pickup at airports in Taiwan

There are facilities at major airports (Songshan, Taoyuan, Xiaogang).
Taipei MRT (Taipei Main Station, Ximen Station, City Hall Station, Zhongxiao Fuxing Station) are all equipped with them.
You can also make a reservation on the day you pick up the machine, and you can pick it up when you rent it.
Make an appointment in advance online and easily pick it up at the airport or MRT.

WiFiBOX features


  • Stay connected, stay charged.

    • One single unit works as both portable Wi-Fi and power bank.
    • Booking, pick-up and drop-off are just easy.
    • All rental procedures are completely contactless
  • Stable and Trustworthy Connection Wherever You Are.

    • Plans are available for 130 countries and regions.
    • Unlimited plans allow you to connect as long as you like. No worries!

Only 4 steps

Book on WiFiBOX website, scan the QR code at your desired location, and pick up your Wi-Fi unit.

Step 01

Book on WiFiBOX Website

Booking can be completed just by choosing a data plan along with the rental duration.

Last minute booking, right on your departure date is also possible. You can pick up the pocket Wi-Fi anytime during business hours of the airport counter.

Step 02

Scan QR code

With your smartphone, click the URL in the "Guide for picking-up" email and scan the QR code on WiFiBOX.

Click pick-up button for the final step.

Step 03

Your Rental Begins

Pick up the pocket Wi-Fi and your rental service begins immediately.

Now you are ready to travel smart!

The rental item is the Wi-Fi main unit only. Please prepare USB Type-A charger for your smartphone in advance to charge the main unit.

Step 04

Slot it back and all set!

Welcome back!

To return your pocket Wi-Fi, just slot it back to a WiFiBOX housing nearby. After you hear a click, your return process is all done.

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